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New Perspectives Provide Dentists an ‘Intra-Oral’ look inside your mouth

The mouth is one of the most intimate parts of the body, one of the hardest to clean and one of the most difficult to see inside…

The mouth is very small. This is a fact that many of us can agree too. That is why it feels so strange to have a dentist inspect our mouths, as everything that goes into it feels much larger than what it actually is. A toothbrush, a dental pick, a bite of your favourite food can easily occupy the space inside your mouth, but did you know that the average adult can only open their mouth 42 millimeters wide? That is not very wide, but if you try to open your mouth you’ll find that your mouth might struggle to open that far. This can make it very difficult for your mouth to be properly inspected when you are undergoing a dental examination. At Kitchener Street Dental in Toowoomba, we understand how uncomfortable and difficult it is to use tools inside the mouth during a dental inspection. That is why we invest in technology that makes it easier for us to thoroughly inspect your mouth while your experience remains comfortable and enlightening.

We’d love to introduce our patients to the Intra-Oral camera…

It is very difficult for a dentist to examine your mouth whilst maintaining your comfort, which is why we have invested in the Intra-Oral camera. This advanced technology allows us to reach the deepest parts of your mouth which would normally cause you discomfort and us difficulty if we were doing so manually. This device allows us to create dental records of the inside of your mouth instantly and can show your mouth in a whole new perspective. The Intra-Oral camera is comprised of a small probe that can easily be manipulated around the inside of your mouth and can get ‘up close and personal’ with your teeth. We can get a close up of your gum line, tooth enamel and even the back of your throat allowing for a thorough tooth and oral health examination.

This device has allowed for a deeper understanding of the mouth without the need for immediate x-rays (which are still utilised of course). The Intra-Oral camera has allowed for many of our patients to receive an up close and personal view of their teeth which has both enlightened and encouraged them. At Kitchener Street Dental we believe that this innovative dental device has made our patient/dentist experience more relatable as it permits us to further allow our patients to understand how the mouth works and how their oral health is affecting their mouth.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show at Kitchener Street Dental…

Would you like to see the inside of your mouth? At Kitchener Street Dental in Toowoomba we can show you the inside of your mouth with the Intra-Oral camera! The images created by the Intra-Oral camera can be transferable to a monitor for us to further illustrate the state of your oral health. Sometimes a new perspective encourages patients to take further consideration in regards to their oral health. The mouth is such a small and confined space that it is easy for us to forget the impact problems like bacteria and plaque can have on our oral health. Thanks to Intra-Oral camera we can examine your mouth efficiently and with ease to reduce the risk of potential oral health problems escaping our notice.

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