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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Toowoomba

Where tooth loss has occurred, dentures, dental implants, crowns and bridges are all suitable and popular methods used for alleviating the problem.

These treatments can be implemented in a number of different ways, with varying degrees of complexity in their procedural technique.

Patients can experience far-reaching benefits from the use of restorative dentistry practices, with improvements made in chewing ability, aesthetic appeal, speech and their overall sense of self-esteem.

If you have suffered from complete tooth loss then you may be in need of a full mouth restoration, to effectively reinstate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your mouth. However, if you are suffering to a lesser extent, with the issue of limited tooth loss, then you may only require a partial denture or bridge.

Our range of restorative treatments include:

Restorative Dentistry Toowoomba

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different options for restorative?

The following options are available in our range of restorative dental treatments:

  • Dental Restorations
  • Dentures
  • Crown and Bridge Work
  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Root Canal Treatment

What should I do if I break a tooth?

Contact an emergency dentist in your area immediately and begin to apply the first-aid techniques listed below:

  • Rinse out your mouth using lukewarm water.
  • Save any broken pieces of tooth. They’ll need to stay moist so you can either pocket them between your gums and cheek or put them in a small container then cover with milk.

Can chipped teeth be fixed?

Yes. Depending on the size of the chip, various methods may be used to fix it. Small chips may only require some filing whereas larger chips may require dental crowns. The aim of fixing a chip is to restore your tooth to its natural appearance.

Do I have to get a chip fixed?

Yes. Even a seemingly small break can stress the tooth making it difficult to eat or speak. Breaks also allow an opening for food and bacteria to get stuck, resulting in an infection. Without treatment, a broken tooth could get crushed and become unable to be saved.

Is a root canal treatment painful?

The root canal procedure takes place over two to three visits. A slight tenderness can be experienced after the first visit; however, this will subside. Thereafter, no discomfort or pain can be felt, as the tooth will be anaesthetised for treatment to take place.

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