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CEREC Dental Technology Toowoomba

CEREC dental technology is the revolutionary new way in which to perform restorative dental procedures.

We use this technology for teeth that need rebuilding from chips, cracks, disease and decay.

The technology works by creating porcelain ceramic material, used to effectively restore and renew your smile with stunning effects, conducted in a period of time that requires just one visit. What this essentially means is that you won’t have to endure unnecessary repeat assessment, treatment and injection to receive the best in tooth restoration.

No need for impressions with CEREC dental technology

With the use of CEREC technology, the need for messy and lengthy impressions and laboratory work are removed. The technology utilises the latest state-of-the-art CAD CAM technology to generate virtual impressions and create restorations from the information it processes.

CEREC: The treatment process

At your appointment, the tooth that is in need of treatment is first prepared. An electronic 3D scan is then taken of the area and a ceramic restoration is designed in accordance with your scan.

CEREC restorations are then made from a durable porcelain material which gives teeth greater strength and stability and is very natural in appearance. Minimum tooth structure is removed and the rest is strengthened by bonding to a solid block of porcelain. After bonding and subsequent polishing is complete, the restored tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth.

CEREC: The benefits

The benefits of using CEREC are numerous, with crowns and veneers being easily created using this technology, and crooked or misshapen teeth being treated in a period of around ninety minutes.

CEREC Toowoomba

Emergency dental treatment: The CEREC Technology at Kitchener Street Dental creates dental crowns in a single appointment!

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