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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Toowoomba

During a root canal the nerve of the tooth must be removed as bacteria will begin to grow within the tooth resulting in pressure and pain.

Patients who suffer from a large degree of pain and aching within the inner parts of their teeth and jaw are often found to be in need of treatment.

While extraction and replacement are last resort options for most, the effective application of root canal treatment can serve to save teeth before they are damaged or decayed sufficiently to require complete removal.

In order for root canal treatments to be completed effectively, a small channel is drilled through the tooth, which allows for the thorough extraction and cleaning of the inner part of the tooth. Once this cleaning has been carried out, the tooth is shaped using tiny files, and the empty chamber filled with a material known as ‘gutta percha’. This filling is made from a thermoplastic polymer and is usually combined with a dental cement to reinstate the density of the empty tooth.

Once the treatment has been completed, the tooth is generally crowned, in order to protect and secure the inevitably weakened structure. This helps to reduce the increased risk of fracture, as the tooth has become increasingly brittle after the removal of nourishing blood supply through the pulp.

Root canal treatment is a procedure that has endured a reputation, as one of dentistry’s most unpleasant experiences. However, conducted with a sensitive and sympathetic approach, from our dentists at Kitchener Street Dental, the procedure needn’t be one of enduring trauma.

Root Canal Treatment Toowoomba

Are you suffering from aches or pains within the inner parts of your teeth? It might be time to visit the team at Kitchener Street Dental to see if a root canal treatment is the solution to your pain. Book your consultation today and say goodbye to the aches and pains!

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