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Dental Sterilisation Toowoomba

Steriliser Lisa

State of the art sterilisation is an important part of Kitchener Street Dental

Sterilisation procedures are very important to any good dental practice. These are a part of basic care and handling of patients that our dentists must incorporate to be able to give you quality oral health care. At Kitchener Street Dental, we have invested in the very best and latest dental sterilisation technology.

As with all our dental technology, the Lisa Steriliser makes each dental visit comfortable and quick for our patients. We understand how important dental technology can be for a patient’s health and wellbeing, therefore, we take pride in ensuring our equipment is up to date and of the highest quality.

Just like our technology, quality dental care is of upmost importance to us and we take pride in ensuring our patient’s smiles reflect this.

W&H Steriliser at Kitchener Street Dental in Toowoomba

W&H is setting new standards in modern dentistry with the Lisa steriliser, and we are proud to be owners of this new piece of technology. The faster performance of the new Lisa allows us to provide our patients with the most efficient service, with maximum performance.

Not only does this technology assist us in helping to ensure your oral health is taken care of, but it allows our team to work efficiently.

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