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Digital In-House Panoramic Radiograph

Digital In-House Panoramic Radiograph Toowoomba

Digital radiographs provide a safer option to the traditional alternative.

They also require far lower levels of radiation and are also a faster way of determining problems at the core.

Traditional x-rays use a combination of high radiation and chemicals to accurately assess the underlying structure and condition of your mouth. The new digital radiographs allow for a significant reduction in these elements of treatment. In addition to this, traditional x-rays require the use of developing and fixture techniques which use toxic solution.

Taking Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs have enhanced our ability to make an accurate diagnosis of your underlying dental health, as they allow for the manipulation in viewing the assessment area, zooming in, changing levels of contrast and magnification.

This new technology allows for a range of benefits to enhance the patients experience of the x-ray procedure including:

  • Reduced radiation by up to 80%
  • Faster processing of imagery
  • No chemicals

Ability of both the patient and dentist to witness the results of the radiograph and effectively treat the condition with a greater understanding of the process involved. Wider scope of viewing area for a greatly enhanced level of assessment and diagnostic capability.

Digital radiographs are an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe method of assessment, making our patients experiences at Kitchener Street Dental comfortable and successful ones.

Digital In-house Panoramic Radiograph Toowoomba

For any further information about our digital in-house panoramic radiograph treatment options available to you at Kitchener Street Dental Toowoomba, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3184 8462.

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