Diagnodent Laser Caries Detection Aid

DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detection Aid Toowoomba

What is a DIAGNOdent laser?

A DIAGNOdent laser is a revolutionary tool that has been developed to assist in the detection of caries lesions.

The DIAGNODENT technology uses a laser to detect specific density changes within hard dental tissues in the teeth. In other words, this high quality laser will detect weakened enamel areas on the tooth surface, even to a miniscule degree. The laser has one of the highest available detection rates at over 90% accuracy. 

This helps to enable the detection of even the smallest of lesions, meaning that they can be treated in their early stages, before being allowed to become a major issue.

The tool works by effectively differentiating between healthy tooth structure and teeth that are suffering from carious affected teeth. This works through the increase in the levels in fluorescence, which the detection aid reads and transfers to a meter.

DIAGNOdent laser dental care

Because this tool is so accurate at detecting early signs of tooth decay, we are able to utilise it to help us foresee possible future oral health issues. In this instance, we are able to treat the affected area either with restorative dentistry, preventative dentistry methods, or re-evaluate your treatment options at our Toowoomba dentist before real damage sets in. 

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DIAGNOdent Toowoomba Dentist

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