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The Dental Wand Toowoomba

The Dental Wand is a revolutionary way to administer anaesthesia with little or no pain.

Dental phobia is something a large number of people suffer from. Whether based on a previously unpleasant experience or the simple notion that they will be subjected to painful or uncomfortable treatment.  A common fear of the dentist can develop from the idea of local anaesthetic injections. This is used to numb your teeth and gums prior to treatment. If an area is numbed inexpertly or too quickly, a sharp stinging sensation can be felt.

‘The Dental Wand’ is a revolutionary, computerised device which slows down the delivery of the anaesthesia and more accurately controls the areas to which it is delivered.

The anaesthesia is delivered at a constant pressure and volume that is typically below the threshold of pain. The wand is not only virtually painless, but can also eliminate the ‘numb face’ feeling that is often experienced after some dental treatments.

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The Dental Wand Toowoomba

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