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Do I Really Need A Mouthguard?

Dental injuries caused by sporting mishaps account for 600 000 emergency room trips each year. The use of a custom mouthguard while playing sport can greatly decrease your risk of being one of those 600 000! At Kitchener Street Dental, we provide custom mouthguards for patients of all ages, so you can keep those teeth in tip-top shape while enjoying your favourite sporting activities.


Did you know that an athlete is 60 times more likely to suffer a catastrophic tooth or jaw injury when playing without a mouthguard? Indeed, the increasing rates of dangerous dental injuries in sports have led the Australian Dental Association to collaborate with Sports Medicine Australia to develop a “no mouthguard, no play” policy that sports clubs are highly encouraged to adopt. If you or your family members enjoy playing ball or contact sports, a mouthguard is likely part of the compulsory kit (or will be soon!)


Why Are Mouthguards Important?

In the rough and tumble world of sports, accidents can happen at any time. If you participate in a contact sport like boxing or martial art, or play a ball sport like football, rugby, or hockey, there is always the risk of suffering an unexpected blow to the face. Whether this impact comes from a fist or a ball, it will no doubt be unpleasant, not to mention dangerous.

An impact on the face or jaw can have dire dental consequences. Teeth can shatter, break, or even be knocked completely out of the mouth, while jaws can break or be dislocated. A custom mouthguard helps to mitigate these risks by cushioning the teeth and jaw, absorbing, and redistributing impact to lessen the effects of the hit. Mouthguards are worn over the top teeth and help to protect your mouth from impact damage. They aid in mitigating damage not only to your teeth but also to your tongue and soft mouth tissue. Indeed, custom mouthguards can help to prevent serious injuries to the teeth and jaw and even help to lessen the chances of concussion.


What Kind of Mouthguard Should I Get?

There are several different kinds of mouthguards available to athletes, all offering varying price points and levels of protection. While there are many cheap options out there, important to note is that what you save in initial costs may be spent on expensive orthodontic treatment further down the line if you’re unlucky enough to suffer a blow to the face. You absolutely want a mouthguard that will offer the highest possible level of protection, which means your best option is a custom-made sports mouthguard from Kitchener Street Dental.

Why Do I Need A Custom Mouthguard?

The biggest benefit to having a custom mouthguard made is that it will be designed and manufactured specifically and precisely for your unique mouth and teeth. This means that it will fit perfectly over your teeth, providing the protection you need for your mouth and jaw. A further benefit is that these custom mouthguards don’t limit your ability to talk, breathe, or drink water while wearing them – definitely an important factor in a high-stakes game. Indeed, over-the-counter sporting mouthguards tend to hinder communication and breathing ability, which can be a major problem while playing. An additional problem with generic mouthguards is that they can’t be worn with pre-existing orthodontia such as braces, which is inconvenient for those undergoing realignment treatment.


How Do I Get A Custom Mouthguard?

The process of obtaining your own custom sports mouthguard, made especially for you, begins with making an appointment with us at Kitchener Street Dental. We will take a dental impression of your mouth, from which we will create your custom mouthguard. We offer different colours and printing options, so you can rep your team logo or colour on your teeth! Wait time is minimal, so you can be back out on the field or court in almost no time at all, secure in the knowledge that you have the highest possible level of protection for your teeth and jaw.


How Can We Help?

At Kitchener Street Dental we will ensure that your custom sports mouthguard fits perfectly, with no discomfort or limitations to your speech or ability to breathe. We supply sports mouthguards to patients of all ages, so whether you’re playing pro rugby or scooting around a school soccer field, we will ensure that your teeth are protected as much as possible.


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