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Dr Sudhesh Sukhnundan

What is your main area of expertise?

Veneers, crowns, bridges & implants. It is an area that transforms the face into an instant smile. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry with an equal passion. Practising dentistry for over 37 years.

What do you love about working with the KSD team?

KSD team is a large happy family. The patients, staff & doctors are integral members of this family. Offering the dental service & obtaining the desired outcome results in a stress-free tranquil working environment. Team members are always supportive to one another. It is always a pleasure to be at work.

What’s your favourite thing about the community?

The community is part of our family. Toowoomba is multicultural. It is wonderful to interact with such diversity. KSD reflects this by having a multicultural team. KSD is committed to offering free services to the needy refugee community.

What’s your top dental hygiene tip for patients?

Teeth are like life jackets – you only realise the importance after you lose them. Unfortunately, you only get 1 set of secondary teeth. Look after the teeth you wish to keep.

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