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Smile your way into the New Year with the latest in dental technology

Technology is forever progressing within the dental industry. Our team here at Kitchener Street Dental in Toowoomba, QLD, remains in step with technological developments to ensure you receives the very best dental work. By keeping up-to-date with technological developments, our team can also ensure that our treatments are supported by the most proficient dental equipment available.

Your oral health and overall wellbeing is the key focus within our work. Our team endeavors to keep you comfortable and relaxed while you receive your dental treatments. We ensure that each of our patients can benefit from technological developments by receiving the most progressive care and treatments available.  With this excellent care and advanced procedures we can help you smile your brightest and widest smile into the New Year.

Take a guided tour of your mouth

Our Intra-Oral Cameras can capture your dental records immediately and efficiently. This piece of equipment can reach even the most inaccessible parts of your mouth, in order to provide our dentists with the information they need to proceed with your dental work. This information can help our dentists ensure that they can tailor a dental treatment plan that will meet your specific oral concerns.

The Intra-Oral Camera is a small probe that can reach the far corners of your mouth. This probe can examine each individual tooth, giving a comprehensive view of your smile. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your oral condition, our team can take a holistic approach to your dental health.

Keeping you safe with our in-house Panoramic Radiograph

Our digital radiographs utilise the latest technology to ensure that you are safe while receiving an assessment of your smile. Digital radiographs are a safer alternative to traditional x-rays, using a dramatically lower level of radiation to produce images. Traditional x-rays also require a number of chemicals for development, along with a high level of radiation to provide the x-ray imagery.

To combat the potentially damaging effects of traditional x-rays, our team provides digital radiographs. These radiographs allow for increased accuracy, as well us giving us the ability to magnify and zoom in on various areas of your scan. Our digital radiographs provide 80% less radiation, as well as an increased scope of viewing area. These benefits enhance our team’s ability to correctly diagnose any oral concerns you may have.

Saving you time with CEREC

CEREC (Chair-side Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) can save you time by creating your restorations during the one appointment. Instead of requiring messy and time consuming impressions, repeat visits and injections, our CEREC technology can help restore your cracked, decaying or chipped teeth swiftly and seamlessly.

Using the progressive CAD CAM technology, our team can attain virtual impressions, from which your restorations can be made. Once your tooth has been prepared, our team will take a 3D scan which will be used to guide the creation of your ceramic restoration. Your restorations will be made of a durable, high quality porcelain that both looks and feels natural. With CEREC we can create your crown or veneer while you sit back and relax in our dental chair.

Detecting even the smallest lesions with our DIAGNOdent laser caries detection aid

Our DIAGNOdent is an innovative tool that can assist our team in locating and identifying even the most inconspicuous lesions. By locating these signs of decay or blemishes while they are still minor, we can ensure that we are able to save and protect your natural tooth before the damage becomes more extensive. This piece of equipment has over a 90% accuracy rate when distinguishing between healthy teeth and tooth decay.

Eliminate dental injection anxiety with The Wand

If you have been avoiding visiting the dentist due to a fear of needles, The Wand can help you receive the dental work you need without the discomfort that may come from dental injections. Many of our patients assume it is the needle that is causing their discomfort, however the potential pain of injections actually comes from the flow of anesthesia. The Wand helps our team to administer anesthetic with a constant level of pressure with a decreased speed. This can help us to ensure that you are receiving the proper pain control to make you comfortable throughout your procedure without any discomfort.

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