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Are dental Piksters better than floss?

Dental Piksters also known as interdental brushes, are a miniature bottle dental brush which are meant to optimise your oral health. 

They can be incorporated into your regular daily oral health routine. These dental tools go in between your teeth where regular toothbrushes cannot reach. Many use them as a replacement for floss. Floss follows a straight line between your teeth but interdental brushes have bristles that spring and fluff out in order to thoroughly eliminate stuck food particles, massage the gumline, and promote good oral health.  

This tool is especially helpful when trying to prevent gum disease as it provides a thorough and effective cleaning for your teeth!

Piksters for Orthodontics 

Piksters are not only good for your natural teeth as they do not scratch or harm your natural teeth, they are also safe for synthetic crowns and implants. They also effectively clean under orthodontic appliances and hard to reach places.

Are Piksters Reusable?

Yes, Piksters are reusable. After the first use, they can be cleaned and reused for later on in the day. 

Where do you buy Piksters?

Interdental brushes come in a variety of sizes you can choose to suit. Piksters come in a pack of 10 that are reusable if cleaned and dried thoroughly.

You can buy Piksters at our practice for an affordable price. 

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