Our Support Team

Our Friendly Support Team at Kitchener Street Dental are here to help you!

Ebonie Kitchener Street Dental

Ebonie Astill

Clinical Assistant

Melissa Kitchener Street Dental

Melissa Hill

Receptionist / Clinical Assistant

Carina Kitchener Street Dental

Carina Dalzell

Receptionist / Clinical Assistant

Tiegan Kitchener Street Dental

Tiegan Collins

Head Float / Clinical Assistant

Monique Kitchener Street Dental

Monique Rohde

Receptionist / Clinical Assistant

Alex Lindenmayer

Clinical Assistant

Chloe Kitchener Street Dental

Chloe Hess

Receptionist / Clinical Assistant

Lyteesha Pace



Clinical Assistant

Sophie Kitchener Street Dental


Practice Manager

Sophie has been in the dental industry for over four years. She has worked in Warwick and also in Toowoomba. Sophie has a very professional and caring manner and always takes care of all her patients. You will find Sophie at reception looking after patients with all their after-treatment needs.

Georgia Kitchener Street Dental

Georgia Antell

Clinical Assistant

Georgia has been with us for over a year. Georgia has an outgoing and fun personality and is such a pleasure to work with. Georgia over a short period of time has really shown us that she is very committed and always keen to learn new skills.

Our Support Team

Tieraney Motley

Clinical Assistant

We are so happy to be able to offer Tieraney a career path in the dental industry. Tieraney is passionate about patients and attending to their needs during treatment. She is always smiling and looking forward to the next challenge.

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