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Looking for same-day porcelain veneers Toowoomba?

Have your smile updated in as little as 90 minutes with same-day porcelain veneers.

How is this possible?

Here at Kitchener Street Dental we are host to state of the art CEREC technology to save you time on getting those new porcelain veneers to update your smile.

How porcelain veneers can help you

For those who aren’t familiar with the treatment, porcelain veneers are exceptionally thin pieces of porcelain custom designed to replicate the enamel of the tooth. Porcelain is stain-resistant and often the material of choice because it has the ability to change the shape, size and colour of the tooth.

Porcelain veneers are ideal for patients who have the following toothy problems that they are hoping to solve:

  • Filling gaps
  • Repairing chips
  • Restoring strength to the teeth
  • Solving discolouration problems
  • Make teeth appear whiter if desired
  • Changing the length of the teeth
  • Providing an alignment resolution without undergoing orthodontic treatment

Veneers have the ability to benefit patients in a heap of different ways. Not only can they restore functionality and look great, but they resist staining from detrimental food and drinks like wine, coffee, tea and a bunch of other substances that have the ability to darken the colour of natural enamel.


As an alternative to lengthy waiting times and repeat appointments, CEREC machinery allows the patient the option for same-day veneer placement. This is because the Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (SEREC) has the technology to fabricate the porcelain veneer, specifically ensuring it is fitted perfectly to match your teeth while you wait in the practice.

The benefits of the technology:

  • No need for messing and lengthy impressions
  • Don’t have to wait for a laboratory to fabricate the veneers
  • Eliminates the hypersensitivity between treatment appointment as it is same day
  • Veneers are designed with a durable porcelain material, offering extra strength and stability for the restoration

The CEREC uses virtual impressions – creating the restoration from the information it processes.

The treatment

  1. After the teeth are prepared for the veneer treatment, the CEREC machine comes in to action.
  2. The CEREC technology works by initially using an electronic 3D scan. This creates a computer generated 3D version of the patient’s teeth, giving us the ability to visually see how the treatment will suit you.
  3. After the electronic scan is complete, the machine fabricates the delicate wafer-thin veneers using a strong porcelain material that offers restoration and natural appearance to the regular teeth.
  4. As the tooth structure has been slightly weakened, the veneer is bonded to the tooth – reinstating strength to the structure of the tooth.
  5. The teeth are then polished and you are free to display your new white and bright smile as often as you please.

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