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Discover an Optimal Dental Experience with Advanced Technology at Kitchener Street Dental

Are you dissatisfied with the look, feel and function of your smile? At Kitchener Street Dental we remain on the forefront of new dental technology to ensure an optimal dental experience…

At Kitchener Street Dental in Toowoomba we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing smiles in a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. With a strong sense of commitment to the welfare of our patients, we always ensure our practice runs smoothly and incorporates strict protocols to ensure the safety of all patients.
In order to create beautiful smiles fast and effectively, we utilise some of the most advanced technology used in dental care to date. Our Toowoomba dentists passionately remain updated with new techniques and technologies so you can achieve the most efficient treatment and result possible.

Our dental technology is state-of-the-art…

To help us achieve an effective, efficient and comfortable dental practice and experience for our patients, we utilise the following technology.

  • Digital intra-oral camera

Intra-oral cameras allow dental records to be captured instantly, from within the deepest, most inaccessible areas of the mouth. By using this technology we can provide an enhanced perspective to allow for a more prompt and accurate diagnosis.
The camera utilises a small probe that easily moves around inside the mouth, and is hooked up to a TV monitor where your Toowoomba dentist and yourself can watch the examination for a closer look. This provides us with a deeper understanding of your issues and allows us to recommend the appropriate treatments for optimal results.

  • Digital in-house panoramic radiograph

These not only provide a much safer alternative to conventional X-Rays, the digital X-Ray uses much lower radiation levels and are a much faster method of establishing where problems are arising from. These types of X-Rays allow for a significant manipulation in viewing the assessment area such as zooming in, changing levels of contrast and magnification for a more controlled examination. The benefits associated with this advanced technology include:

  • No chemicals
  • Reduced radiation by up to 80%
  • Ability of both the patient and dentist to witness the results of the radiograph and effectively treat the condition with a greater understanding of the process involved
  • Faster processing of imagery
  • Wider scope of viewing area for a greatly enhanced level of assessment and diagnostic capability

Digital X-Rays are also environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for all our patients.

  • CEREC machine

Ever wanted your restorations performed in the same appointment? Traditionally porcelain restorations such as veneers, crowns and bridges would usually have to be created in a laboratory outside the practice, and could take days or even weeks to be available. With the CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Estheric Ceramice) machine, we can perform restorative dental procedures for chipped, cracked or broken teeth in just one appointment! No more messy moulds of your smile, now we simply utilise the art of CAD-CAM technology which takes a digital impression of your smile. You dental professional will then create your restorations from this impression using the CEREC technology!

At Kitchener Street Dental we also provide DIAGNOdent Laser Caries Detection Aide and ‘The Wand’ for enhanced laser dental care that is effective and efficient.

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